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LIMBO Free Download PC Game Full Version

RELEASE DATE: 2 August 2011
GENRE: Casual, Puzzle, Horror, Adventure, Action

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LIMBO Free Download PC Game Full Version

Uncertain about the fate of his sister, a boy enters LIMBO

Limbo is a video game developed by indie studio Playdead for puzzle platforms.

The game was released on Xbox Live Arcade in July 2010 and has since been ported to PlayStation 3, Linux, and Microsoft Windows on many other platforms.

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About This LIMBO Game:

Limbo is a 2D side scroller that implements a system of physics that controls environmental artifacts and the character of the player.

As he looks for his girlfriend, the character guides an unnamed boy through dangerous environments and traps.

Meanwhile, the developer designed the puzzles for the game, expecting the player to fail before finding the right answer.

Playdead named “trial and death” the style of play, and used horrific imagery for the deaths of the boy to guide the player from unworkable solutions.

Most importantly, Limbo from Playdead Studio is a valuable addition to the platform-jumping puzzle genre, visually captivating with hints of true darkness.

The effort to popularise esoteric, imaginative gaming by being released on a mass-market console is arguably undermined by the lack of creative gameplay in the title.

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Limbo, however, manages platform and puzzle gaming with sufficient complexity and imagination in the classic style to ensure that things still feel new and challenging, and in fact, it stands against some of the great genres as an example of how evocative and wonderful the game of the platform can be.

In short for all its brooding, monochrome minimalism, the Limbo of Playdead Studio does a lot to dazzle. In reality, much of its brilliance is the work of smoke and mirrors, as a typical platform-jumping puzzle title is underneath its “games as art” styling.

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Why LIMBO Gameplay is best?

In conclusion, the game is portrayed in black-and-white tones, to create an eerie atmosphere frequently associated with the horror genre, using lighting, film grain effects, and minimal ambient sounds. The dark presentation was celebrated by journalists, identifying the work as equivalent to film noir and German Expressionism.

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To clarify reviewers listed Limbo as an example of video games as an art form, based on its aesthetics.

However, Limbo Highly Compressed received favorable reviews, but his limited story divided critics; some critics felt that the open-ended work had a deeper sense that connected well with the mechanics of the game, while others claimed that the game detracted from the lack of substantial plot and abrupt ending.

On the other hand, a common point of criticism from critics was that the high cost of the game would discourage players from buying the title relative to its short duration, but some reviews indicated that Limbo had an ideal length. However, the game was listed as one of the biggest games of all time.

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About the character in the Game:

The main character in Limbo is a nameless boy who ends up on the “edge of hell” in the middle of a forest, where he meets a giant spider who is trying to kill him.

It retreats back into the forest after using a trap to cut off the sharp points on half of the spider’s legs, and the boy is able to pass. He is later caught in webs and woven into a cocoon, however.

He meets a female character at one point during his journey, who he thinks maybe his sister, but is stopped from reaching her. Eventually, the forest gives way to a decaying city atmosphere.

The boy is thrown through a pane of glass and back into the forest after the final puzzle is done.

Seemingly set in a remote purgatory, the light-starved realm of Limbo is breathtaking and monstrously bleak at the same time.

System Requirements for LIMBO PC:

OS: Windows XP, 7 OR 10 (64bit)
Processor: Pentium 4 or Higher
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
Graphics: Integrated Card
DirectX: DirectX 9c
Storage: 150 MB available space

How to Download & Install LIMBO Game for PC?

  1. Click on the Download link below and you will be redirected to the downloading site.
  2. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds and click on the download button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  3. Important Note: Download all the parts
  4. Once LIMBO Free Download is done downloading, right-click on “Extract to LIMBO.rar” (You need WinRAR for this)
  5. Likewise, you will get the ISO file of LIMBO Windows 10. That’s it 🙂
    Have fun and play! Most importantly run the game as administrator (If it asks) and if you get any missing DLL errors, look for a DirectX and Redist or _CommonRedist folder, and install all the programs in the folder.

Download Free LIMBO Game for PC

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