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Shadow Empire Free Download


PUBLISHER: Slitherine Ltd.

RELEASE DATE: Later this (Earth-like) year

GENRE: Strategy, Simulation, RPG

Shadow Empire Free Download PC Game

The Shadow Empire Codex Game is a dynamic, immersive turn-based war with an outstanding mix of military emphasis, 4X elements, procedural generation, and play-in-the-role.

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About Shadow Empire Steam Game

This Shadow Empire Steam Codex places you on the supreme headquarters of a small nation that aims to achieve greatness and to reconquer a devastated planet. You have leaders that help you rule your regions, manage, and direct your organizations.

You will also be able to play Stratagems on various goals. You will be interested in a great military conquest, strategy, budgets, business management, the building of the infrastructure, services, and much more.

Shadow Empire Skidrow Game

The Shadow Empire Codex Game has a highly procedural design that guarantees re-playability and testing. The Planets are not only produced procedurally but the equipment you are using is also produced.

A separate system to discover and research/develop techs, education, and model types also ensures that each game has to be used in different pieces. The game universe is meant to evoke the feeling that in some dark future we are on another planet, but at the same time to be familiar.

It’s a game that doesn’t deny that it’s a game but it focuses heavily on keeping things comparatively practical.

For a strategy game, there is a fairly strong viewpoint to play roles, in which you have to keep your members happy to do their jobs well and not get some revolt idea.

Shadow Empire Codex Download

The game has Stratagems which allow you to switch action with just the click of ‘play schema’ button, and there is plenty of micromanagement potential in which to engage.

This allows a psychological break from the microphone to help the player find a way out and also to implement the themes. This game is one of VR Designs’ most ambitious games ever. It’s a rich and exciting experience and a very interesting game, not something you’ve seen before.

Features of the Shadow Empire:

  • You will mostly have to decide with your leaders or with third parties on the events that occur in your zones (e.g. cult, crime unions)
  • Astrobiology regulations include the environment, floods, deserts, snow, ice, lava flows, depths of the forest, aliens, mountaineering chains, water, flow, biohazard levels, and respiratory hazard levels, etc. planets are created procedurally.
  • Detailed combat resolution taking into account readiness, morality, provision, experience, dismissal, landscape, reconstruction, rivers, arms and armor, concentration, leaders’ skills, and position stratagems. The resolution provides detailed information.
  • Over 100 different types of schooling, each in three sizes (for example Infantry Armor, Heavy Assault Brigade, etc) discover and operationalize
  • 30+ different models (such as Light Tanks, Walkers, Missile Launchers, etc …) Discover and design
  • The game begins at a low tech level but the knowledge that you can build (for example, laser guns, Atomic Missile launches, walkers, shield-generators, and even ICBMs can be found at the end of the technology tree.
  • Discover and investigate a hundred different technological areas (such as Assault Rifle, Algae Vats).
  • Units can collect supplies in a certain operational supply range from a road hex through the logistical network.
  • You can build roads and railways as well as truck stations, Maglev stations, and supply base assets in order to expand your logistics network capability. Leaders can be recruited and appointed as governors, boards, commanders of the army, or councilors of the zone.
  • Leaders have over 40 skills and will earn leadership awards to improve their standing
  • Stratagems (cards) can be played on other regimes, leaders, or regions. More than 150.
  • Unfulfilled leaders may leave you corrupt, rebel, or turn.
  • Within Factions, members appear to join.
  • Factions will ask you to conquer or raise your technology levels, like asking a neighbor.
  • You have a Parliament, a Senate or a Politburo in your country, so during a game, you can change your system
  • From the diplomatic point of view, minor regimes can be forced to become or even join you. A variety of pacts and agreements can be formed to ensure peaceful coexistence between major regimes.


  • OS: Windows Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 8MB video memory
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible 9 Sound Card
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