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DEVELOPER: Namco and Production I.G
PUBLISHER: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Namco, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe
RELEASE DATE: 20th, March 1997
GENRE: Action, Fighting

TEKKEN 3 Free Download PC Game Full Version

The Tekken 3 PC Game is the third installment in the Tekken series, which is a fighting game.

In March 1997 it was released in arcades, and in 1998 for the PlayStation. The first arcade version of the game as part of Tekken 5’s Arcade History mode was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2.

The game was reissued as part of Sony’s PlayStation Classic in 2018.

It features a mostly new cast of characters, including the introduction of several now-staple characters including Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, and Hwoarang, with twenty-three characters in total.

The home edition featured a new beat’em up mode named Tekken Force, and the Tekken Ball bonus mode. Tekken 3 Full Version PC Game is regarded as one of the greatest video games ever. Tekken 3 Cracked is the fourth best-selling PlayStation game, with more than 8 million copies sold worldwide.

TEKKEN 3 Free Download PC Cracked

It was followed in arcades by Tekken 4, and in 2001 and 2002 respectively on PlayStation 2.

The gameplay of TEKKEN 3 Free Download PC Game:

while Tekken III Game retains the same central combat system and philosophy as its predecessors.

While the depth factor of previous Tekken games had been largely insignificant (apart from some characters with unusual sidesteps and dodging maneuvers), Tekken 3 added focus on the third axis, enabling characters to sidestep into or out of the background.

Fighters now leap more realistic heights than previous games, making them less intimidating and making more use of sidestep dodges, because jumping couldn’t dodge any ground attack any longer.

Full Version TEKKEN 3 Free Download

New improvements included faster recoveries from knockdowns, more escape from tackles and flips, more moves allowed with juggling, and new hybrid throws. Tekken 3 introduces a beat ’em up minigame called ‘Tekken Force’ which pits the player in a side-scrolling fashion against enemies in different stages.

The idea was expanded on in a Tekken 4 minigame and succeeded in Tekken 5’s Devil Within campaign mode.

Another minigame is known as “Tekken Ball,” similar to beach volleyball, where it is important to strike the ball with a powerful attack to pulverize the opponent or to hurt them by having the ball fall into the territory of the opponent.

Story of TEKKEN 3 Game:

Fifteen years after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, Heihachi Mishima has set up the Tekken Force: a paramilitary organization committed to Mishima Zaibatsu’s security.

Using the power of the corporation, Heihachi is responsible for many events that ended up contributing to world peace. One day, under the assumption of an excavation project, a squadron of Tekken Force soldiers look for an ancient temple found in Mexico.

Soon after arriving there, Heihachi discovers that a strange and malevolent creature known as Ogre was obliterating them.

Heihachi, having caught a brief glimpse of Ogre before his complete disappearance, attempts to catch Ogre for his own personal gain in the hopes of harnessing his tremendous fighting force.

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Shortly after, numerous known martial artists from all over the world end up dead, attacked, or missing, with Ogre behind it all.

Jun Kazama has lived a quiet life in Yakushima with her young son Jin Kazama, who was fathered by Heihachi’s uncle, Kazuya Mishima, after the events of the previous tournament.

But their quiet existence is interrupted when Jun starts to feel the unwelcome presence of Ogre and knows that she is now a target.

If something happens, Jun instructs Jin to try Heihachi. Ogre strikes sometime after the fifteenth birthday of Jin. Jin valiantly tries to fight off Ogre against Jun’s wishes, but he leaves him unconscious.

As Jin wakes up, he discovers the land around his house burnt and his mother is missing and most likely dead. Driven by vengeance, Jin is confronted by the Demon, who marks and owns Jin’s left arm.

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Jin goes to his grandfather, Heihachi, describing his condition and asking him to become powerful enough to face Ogre for the training.

Heihachi accepts and takes Jin under his wing, and sends him to Mishima High School where Jin meets with a classmate named Ling Xiaoyu and her pet Panda.

Four years later Jin masters the Karate style of Mishima. Heihachi declares the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 on Jin’s nineteenth birthday, and Jin himself prepares for his upcoming battle, having no idea that his grandfather is secretly using him, Xiaoyu, and the rest of the competitors as bait to draw Ogre out into the open.

Paul Phoenix joins a massive temple in the final round of the tournament, defeats Ogre, and walks away from the tournament believing he’s winning.

Yet Ogre morphs into his second form: After Paul’s departure, True Ogre and the tournament continued.

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Finally, Jin confronts Real Ogre and defeats him who dissolves completely.

But Jin is unexpectedly gunned down by a Tekken Forces squadron headed by Heihachi, who personally fires a final shot into his grandson’s head, no longer needing use for him.

Yet Jin, revived within him by the Devil, reawakens and dispatches the soldiers, smashing Heihachi through the temple wall.

Just before he reaches the ground, Jin catches Heihachi (sparing him), and he looks up to see Jin sprout feathery wings and fly off into the sky.

When Tekken 3 was developed and released?

The first game that was released on Namco System 12 hardware was Tekken 3 (the first two Tekken games used System 11). The animation was created using motion capture for the fighters.

The original PlayStation port of Tekken 3 included two new hidden characters: Gon, and Dr. Boskonovitch.

Anna was turned into her own separate character, given the select location, voice, special attacks, and ending of her own story. The PlayStation version includes additional modes such as “Tekken Force” and “Tekken Ball,” as well as all modes present in Tekken 2.

Due to the hardware constraints of the PlayStation (less video RAM and lower clock speed), the visual output was downgraded: the backgrounds were re-made into 2D panoramic images, the number of polygons used for each character was reduced slightly, the sound effects were played at a high pitch, and the game ran at a lower overall resolution.

The music for Tekken 3 was composed of the arcade version by Nobuyoshi Sano and Keiichi Okabe, with the PlayStation version featuring additional themes from the same composers, as well as Hiroyuki Kawada, Minamo Takahashi, Yuu Miyake, Yoshie Arakawa, and Hideki Tobeta.

An emulator for PlayStation branded as Bleem! It was released for the Sega Dreamcast and allowed Dreamcast owners to play a graphically enhanced version of Tekken 3 if they had a copy of the game from PlayStation.

The release of Tekken 5 on PlayStation 2 includes Tekken 3’s arcade version. Tekken 3’s PlayStation edition was included in the PlayStation Classic’s 20 “generation-defining” games, scheduled for release on December 3, 2018.

New characters in TEKKEN 3 Free Download PC Game:

  • Bryan Fury
  • Crow (TEKKEN FORCE Character)
  • Dr. Bosconovitch
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Forest Law
  • Gon
  • Gun Jack
  • Hwoarang
  • Jin Kazama
  • Julia Chang
  • King II
  • Kuma II
  • Ling Xiaoyu
  • Mokujin
  • Panda
  • Tiger Jackson
  • Ogre
  • True Ogre

Returning characters:

  • Nina Williams
  • Lei Wulong
  • Anna Williams
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Paul Phoenix
  • Yoshimitsu

System Requirements for Tekken 3 PC:

OS: Windows XP, 7 OR 10 Pro (32bit or 64bit)
Processor: Pentium 3, 4 or higher
Memory: 512 MB of RAM
Graphics: Integrated Graphic Card
DirectX: DirectX 10
Storage: 100 MB available space

How to Download & Install the Tekken 3 PCSX Game?

  1. Click on the Download link below and you will be redirected to the downloading site.
  2. Wait for 3 to 5 seconds and click on the download button. Now let the download begin and wait for it to finish.
  3. Note: Download all the parts
  4. Once Tekken 3 PC Free Download is done downloading, right-click the first part file and click on “Extract to Tekken.3.rar” (You need WinRAR for this)
  5. Now you will get the ISO file of Tekken III. That’s it 🙂
    Have fun and play! Make sure to run the game as administrator and if you get any missing DLL errors, look for a Redist or _CommonRedist folder, and install all the programs in the folder.

Installation Guide:

  1. Extract the file with Winrar
  2. Open the “Tekken 3.rar”
  3. Click on the “Register Tekken” button to add little piece of information for device recording
  4. After that, double-click the “Tekken” icon to play the game
  5. Now run the game without installation. (No installation required)

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