Widgets and Gidgets Free Download Cracked PC Game Full Version in Direct Links. Download Free Widgets and Gidgets PC Game Cracked.

Widgets and Gidgets Free Download

DEVELOPER: Dwarf Haven Games
PUBLISHER: Dwarf Haven Games
RELEASE DATE: 13 Jun 2020
GENRE: Strategy

Widgets and Gidgets Free Download PC Game:

You are a little gnome, you make parts, make shinnies, build (and repair) machines to obtain 1 million shinnies.

Widgets and Gidgets Cracked PC Game

About Widgets and Gidgets Cracked Game:

You are a poor gnome (or mech-gnome), who must collect 1,000,000 Shinny to show his worth and graduate of the Institute of Gnomish Inventors. You make dumb objects, including gadgets and gizmos, and then you sell shiny crafts.

However, it’s a tough task, and therefore you have to make machines from that stupid part to help you build faster and more gadgets and gyms.

Machines however fail and need to be fixed, and machines do not function as planned. Act on the targets, produce 1 million shinny people, and research at the Institute of the Inventor.

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Handling-You start with a small range of different items and combine those items in more complicated parts using the three crafting bins.

The more difficult the part is, however, the more valuable it is in shinnies. But do not be fooled, as you unlock further recipes, crafting is becoming increasingly difficult.

Machines-You will be able to create machines that make parts for you as you progress to achieve the goals that lead you through the game.

To purchase blueprints in the store, you have to use your shinnies and build the parts for the machine.

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When completed, however, machines have been partially dismantled and will need routine maintenance. In order to improve output and efficiency, machines can be upgraded.

Resource management – You must carefully balance the parts, shiny, and machines in order to excel and graduate the School. The shop will only sell widgets and later pieces.

If you do not have the components for the craft and no shiny components for the purchase of parts, you can fail. Machines continue to overproduce part or part and consume valuable energy. You could fail if your machines come out of control.

Shop – the shop of the game offers three categories, shinnies and upgrade machines and materials. The shop of the game offers three categories. You can also upgrade the materials you use to get more shinny per component, such as Iron, Steel, and Titanium. The success depends on careful preparation and knowledge of the storage components.

About the Author

I’m a 14-year-old teacher and wanted to publish my own game every time. The key concept behind this game is to work with my father in the garage in my early childhood, where the language was “Give me the doodiad so I can get the stuff out.”

But I have to admit that the impetus to publish the game as a result of my student loan debt becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

Every income made from this game is paid for my student credit and saved for the college of my 4 children.

Thanks in advance for purchasing and playing Widgets and Gidgets.

OS: Win 7 (SP1+), Win 10
Processor: at least 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Any
DirectX: Version 10
Storage: 90 MB available space

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