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DEVELOPER: Lavaboots Studios
PUBLISHER: Lavaboots Studios
RELEASE DATE: 29 Aug, 2019
GENRE: RPG, Adventure, Action, Open World, Shooter

Wild West and Wizards Free Download

Wild West and Wizards PC Game is an open world magic, loot, and RPG adventure game. Adventure across the vast wilderness with one weapon in one side and one spell in the other.

Explore a magical world with tons of distinctive locations, puzzles, outlaws, loot, and epic quests.

Download Free Wild West and Wizards

Wild West and Wizards is an open world RPG set about exploration, adventure, and looting in a re-imagined new frontier.

Choose a class of characters, level up and explore the universe at your own speed. With over a hundred points of interest, tons of quests, secrets, and end-game material that can be replayed, there is always something to be found across the horizon.

Face against outlaws, go on epic quests, solve puzzles, explore cities, gain fresh loot and skills, and uncover mysterious locations scattered throughout the gigantic globe.

Wild West and Wizards Repack Crack

Challenging fighting with a high-risk battle scheme; multiple brief and long-range guns with distinct sets of movements, combos, and old magic.

About Lavaboots Studios (Creator of Wild West and Wizards Game)

Lavaboots Studios is a tiny, three-member indie game firm established on a goal rather than a product.

Did you ever play a match that gave you an impression?

You understand precisely what we’re talking about if you’ve got it. For the remainder of your lives, it’s something that sticks with you. Our task is to build worlds that inspire adventure and forge a voyage that is unforgettable.

Wild West and Wizards Cracked

Wild West and Wizards Key Features:

  • Cast Your Spells— Learn fresh skills, cast a range of distinctive spells, and become the West’s most strong magician.
  • Discover the World-Explore a large re-imagined wild west with more than a hundred interest points including homes, settlements, bandit camps, churches, cemeteries, caves, and more! Everything was full of quests, secrets, and puzzles.
  • Shoot and Loot-Loot tons of rare armor, guns, and gold earning your fortune while fighting bosses, finding hidden treasure chests, and completing quests.
  • Customize your character-level your personality and unlock fresh talents that are unique to the class you have selected. Stop by the Saloon-Discover cities and settlements that are full of individuals, quests, and distinctive products to purchase.
Wild West and Wizards Full Version

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel i3 Processor
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 560
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space

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